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Ebook – How to develop your improvisation for jazz saxophone

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How to develop your improvisation
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Also includes the ebook and 10 chapters of high quality audio tracks.
Here is an example of 3 audio tracks from the first 3 chapters included in the audio book:

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HOW TO DEVELOP ITS IMPROVISATION, is a book designed to bring to the student, a thorough knowledge of the concept of improvisation. This book is a solid pedagogical foundation, allowing you to understand some basic concepts on which you support your improvisation.

What also represents, a specific aspect of the book, is the importance that the author gives to the reading and to the execution. The approach is emphasized on short melodic sequences, with bases of progressions of jazz chords, with multiple examples to give you the time to develop this art.

The author supports his approach only on the development of improvisation, avoiding technical exercises and scales. It is essential that you already have a basis for your chords, technique and harmony.

The mastery of these concepts, is the basis of improvisation for advanced beginner and intermediate levels. Students who are learning improvisation in this book will be happy to come up with ideas for an agreement on getting out of the monotony. These ideas allow you to see clearly how to play around the deal.

The book covers, in several chapters or sections, different concepts, in order to better understand the topics around improvisation. The concept of improvisation is very broad, it is important to put time on a fundamental aspect for your benefit.

To take advantage of this book, it is necessary to transpose in different tones the sequences studied.

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Author: Carl Henri Volny

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